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Best Summer Activities for Building Kids Confidence

Your child needs to develop confidence as they grow up, so they'll be vigilant in pursuing dreams and aspirations and countering challenges in life. Chartwell's Happy Day Camp can help you by engaging your child with confidence-building activities during the summer holidays.

5 Benefits Kids Get From Spending Time Outdoors

From becoming physically strong to improved mental and emotional health, spending time outdoors offers many benefits to children.

The Importance of Friendships and Social Connection for Kids

Healthy social connections and friendships play an important role in the well-being of kids. A summer camp or safe kids camp fosters these connections. Summer camp is an excellent way to foster healthy social connections and friendships. These connections play an important part in the child’s mental health and social development.

Benefits Kids Get From Swimming

Learning how to swim can help children with many different things in life. Children will greatly benefit from swimming as much as they can.

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